Law and Order

Her finder du supplerende tekstforslag til temaet Law and Order, som du kan opgive som kilder til dit selvvalgte emne.

Supplementary texts


Drop The Weapons, Pit Stop 9, pp. 50-51



Trailer: Dead Man Walking (1995)

A film based on a book of the same name written by Sister Helen Prejean, a nun acting as a spiritual advisor for inmates on death row. In the film, we follow the final days of a man convicted of murdering two teenagers. The film presents both sides of the argument for capital punishment.

Trailer: The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Shawshank is a fictional prison which forms the backdrop for this drama depicting life in prison for two men serving long prison sentences.

Trailer: Let Him Have It (1991)

In 1953, Derek Bentley was hanged for shooting and killing a policeman during a burglary that went wrong. He did not pull the trigger; he just said the words “Let him have it”. Christopher Craig, the shooter, spent just ten years in prison for his crime.


Police Interceptors: Unleashed Ep1

YouTube fly-on-the-wall documentary where you watch British police catching up with criminals. Search words “Police Interceptors Unleashed”.

When a 16-Year-Old Is Locked Up in a Supermax Prison

Documentary about what happens when a juvenile offender is locked up in a super-maximum security prison.

Chain Gang of Arizona

Documentary about the hardest prison in America.

PrimeTime - Juvenile Prisons

Documentary about children behind bars.


Let Him Dangle (1989)

The Derek Bentley and Chris Craig case.

Chain Gang (1961)

1960 classic about chain gangs.