Free Time


Listen to the text

Extra: Watch the video

Learn about different free time activities.

1 Listen, point and repeat

Extra: Sing along

Learn more sports words.

2 Listen and act it out yourself

Listen to the dialogue.

3 Make your own School Activities board

Use Padlet to make your board together in class.

A Listen to Samuel and Christie

1 Listen to the interview and talk about Matthew

Extra: Sing along

Learn family words with Sesame Street.

1 Listen, repeat and speed read!

3 Listen to the weather report

B Finish the weather report

Fill in the missing words in your Task Book.

Extra: Play a weather game

1 Lots of weather games!

2 The weather maze.

1 Listen and look for verbs

C Write your own postcard

Write an eCard (click on Travels).

Watch the cartoon

Make a sports poster

Make a sports poster with GoAnimate.

Or Pixton (via Skoletube).